Things going on!


I know I haven’t been very good with updating the site, but here’s some new information…

Exorcism has been reissued and is again available via iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music and all other digital channels.

I have completed a few remixes, including two jazz singers (and a third coming up, I feel like I’ve got a niche), and my next task is to remix my youth heroine! My checklist is slowly filling up.

I have produced Pete Statham’s new single, “In The Name Of Love”. Watch the video below.

I will be producing three songs for Pete’s upcoming EP.

Last but not least, I am investigating possibilities for reissuing all my EPs and albums on iTunes and other digital distributors, and there’s a chance of some new material as well. Nothing set in stone yet. Follow me on Facebook for the latest news.

Watch “Electricity” video

Directed by the one and only Pussy Galore.

Electricity EP

electricityA new EP is coming. “Electricity EP” will feature remixes of the new tracks included on Endtroducing 04:14 and two previously unavailable songs.

“Electricity EP” page in Discography

Pre-order “Electricity EP” on Bandcamp

“Electricity” and “Professor Murder” were recorded as part of 8080 Sessions back in 2007. “Electricity” was briefly available on Soundcloud but none of the tracks have seen a full release. The three remixes are brand new. The Bandcamp release features an additional exclusive remix of “Secrets”.

The EP will drop in May via iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and other digital stores.

Pete Statham’s “Fearless” out now

Fearless-front27th November marks the release of the new album by Pete Statham. Available through all digital retailers, “Fearless” includes two songs I wrote — the title track and “Hope” — and my remix of the single “You Are My Love”.

Listen to Fearless on Spotify
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Endtroducing 04::14 Digital Release

endtroducing_itunesOn Friday, 28th November my album Endtroducing 04::14 is receiving a deluxe re-release through all digital retailers including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and Rdio (plus all other better or worse known players in the industry).

I have read this article on Spotify and it convinced me of a few things, one of which being that there is no point resisting the digital revolution. People who used to download music illegally now moved on to Spotify, and if something isn’t there, they go back to illegal downloads. Therefore I may as well release my music via iTunes and Spotify and hope for a few sales — at least enough to cover the cost of releasing the record. Also, when you enter “Ray Grant” in Spotify search bar, you get a few of my remixes and only one song, “Saferoads”. I feel it would be good to change that.

The new version is different from original Bandcamp release. I decided to drop the chronological order and make the songs flow better. Two of the singles are gone, replaced by the latest release — “Entrance”, additional b-sides “Chaotic Guerilla” and “Louder” and three of my best album tracks. The 24-track compilation truly represents what I feel is my best output between 2004 and 2014 and clears path for new music coming in 2015.

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The full tracklisting available here.

“Coming Down” video

Spare footage + spare song = new video

Buy “Coming Down” (or the entire album) from Bandcamp:

“Entrance” video

My first video since “Phantom” in 2011 is now online and available for your watching pleasure.

Video directed and edited by Pussy Galore. Visual footage by Jeffrey Broll at

Pre-order “Entrance” here.

“Entrance” out on November 3

In July I released my latest album, Afterglow.

I started working on music for the album already in 2007, inspired by how I felt after my yoga classes. You know all that new-age crap about how yoga makes you feel all relaxed, calm and serene? Well truth is: it totally does. I would go through an hour’s class of pain, feeling terribly inadequate due to my lack of flexibility, trying to remember which leg is left and not to fall on the floor when I was told to wrap random body parts around random body parts (I believe that one was called “tree pose” or something similar)… then emerge feeling, uh, relaxed, calm and serene. I would cycle home feeling peaceful and honestly a bit high in the most amazing way. Then I would get home, eat something and fire up the music software to work on tracks.

I never finished the album because I discovered that simultaneously training bodybuilding and yoga was counterproductive. The more muscular I became, the less flexible I got, and it was very disconcerting. So I was left with about 30 minutes of music that never saw the light of day… until in June 2014 I re-discovered the tracks and I thought, damn, there’s some good stuff hiding here.

One of my favourites was the first track I wrote. Originally called “Opening Sequence”, it became “Entrance”. All I had to do to make it release-able was extend it a bit. It was a bit Mike Oldfield, a bit Laserdance and a bit… yoga. I had plans at the time to film a yoga class for the video, but since I stopped going, it never happened. Which didn’t make “Entrance” any less appealing. And so I finally decided to give it a go, finish the album and throw it on Bandcamp without any promotion. Until I came up with the idea — AndySetGo (the artist previously known as Andy Is Not Here) has proven to me countless times that he was able to take on my songs and drastically improve on them with his remixes. So I gave him a task: remix an instrumental track with no actual hook. Which he did, providing me with a beautiful remix, and then at my request a 7″ edit as well.

“Entrance” is out now. If you buy the EP as a pre-order, it will set you back 2 Euro and give you an immediate download of Andy’s 7″ edit. Once the EP is out, price will rise to 3 Euro (which will of course not affect the people who preordered it). The tracklisting consists of both AndySetGo remixes, original album version and a b-side — non-ambient mix of “N=N”, originally recorded with Technologic as “Nothing Equals Nothing” and never finished because we couldn’t get it to sound right. It is now finished and the ambient version appears on the album Afterglow; the full-on version with drums intact will be the b-side to “Entrance”.

Billie Ray Martin & Aerea Negrot go Off The Rails

After having remixed Billie Ray Martin’s “Sweet Suburban Disco” I thought: this is it, I’ve made it. I worked with one of the most amazing voices in music. A legend who gave us Electribe 101’s Electribal Memories and the unforgettable classic “Your Loving Arms” is releasing new material I could become a part of!


Little did I know that there would be more. But when I heard she would be recording a duet with Aerea Negrot, whose incredible Arabxilla album was my record of the year two years in a row (because nobody could top it), I asked whether I could remix the upcoming duet. Billie gave me a vague answer along the lines of “yeah, sure, we’ll see” and I thought this was it.

It wasn’t. It simply took the two divas long to find time to record the song. Which happens to be absolutely smashing. Comparisons included Grace Jones (is it me or is Aerea Negrot Grace Jones reincarnated? even though Madame Jones is still touring and working on a new album?). And then Billie approached me with the question: was I still interested? I said yes without hearing the track, then got worried for a second: what if it’s not good? Of course, I needn’t have worried, since the song was — is — amazing.

I made three remixes. One of them — the more dance one — is midtempo piano house. The other, plus dub, is my tribute to Frankie Knuckles’ amazing mixes from the late 80s. I wanted to hear those voices in the foreground of Pet Shop Boys’ style strings and cymbal rides. Of course, being me, I had to pepper the result a bit with vocoders. I used bits of the original (fabulous) Waterson production as well.

The full EP with 11 remixes available here at the low, low price of 4.90 Euro.

And now some praise that I shall re-read in the future if I ever feel unloved and that my music is no good:

“The Ray Grant remix is the best” — Mixmag

“Favourite Track / Mix: Billie Ray Martin – Off The Rails (Ray Grant 6am Mix). Good remix.” — Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty/ DMC Magazine)
“Favourite Track / Mix: Billie Ray Martin – Off The Rails (Ray Grant 6am Dub). Nice job, thanks” — Daniel Bortz, Germany – – club, Various – Worldwide – club, Mojo, Hamburg, Germany – club, Iboat, Bordeaux, France – club, Suol @ ZT Hotel, Barcelona, Spain – club
“Favourite Track / Mix: Billie Ray Martin – Off The Rails (Ray Grant 6am Dub)” — Delphic, UK
“Favourite Track / Mix: Billie Ray Martin – Off The Rails (Ray Grant 6am Dub). Love the Ray Grant Dub” — Michael Edwards, UK – Nox – Aberdeen – club

“Favourite Track / Mix: Billie Ray Martin & Aerea Negrot – Off The Rails (Ray Grant 2 AM Remix). Like this one, and brm voice is great” — Arthur Baker

“Favourite Track / Mix: Billie Ray Martin – Off The Rails (Ray Grant 6am Dub). Great mixes but the original is my fave!” — Mijk van Dijk (BLN FM / M4TM Radio – Berlin), Germany
“Favourite Track / Mix: Billie Ray Martin – Off The Rails (Ray Grant 6am Dub). Really enjoyed this dub version” — Silvio Daria (France, way too many associations to list!)
“Favourite Track / Mix: Billie Ray Martin – Off The Rails (Ray Grant 6am Dub). Diggin’ the dub!” — Gemma Furbank, England – Orbit-Reloaded – club, Manchester Global Radio Fortnightly Show – radio, – radio, Vestax Europe Pro Artist – club
“More decent remixes still the Ray Grant 2am mix from the other package just edges it for my floors” — Johnny Frenetic, UK – Lola Lo Edinburgh – club, Opal Lounger Edinburgh – club, Shanghai Edinburgh – club

I’m a part of Toy


My first encounter with Jaime Nanci was 2008’s “Lennonstown Lies” credited to Cuckoo Savante. While there was a lot of amazingness on display, my favourite two songs were “The House Of Ill Repute” and “I C U Leopard”, both of which managed to combine amazing musician and total and utter madness. And so when I saw Nanci tweeting about how a new record is coming, I felt I would be a fool not to try and become a part of the story.

I could say “the rest is history” but actually the rest is present and future. My Brian Eno-inspired remix of “The Isle of Misfit Toys” has been added to the new Jaime Nanci & The Blueboys “Toy” album as a bonus track. While I had my mind set on a punks-jump-up dance-a-thon, somehow the muse was more on the chamomile tea and cozy evening side of things, and so the remix turned out mellow and peaceful. We’re hoping to work together again in very near future. Meanwhile, the album is yours to enjoy.

The download version is available now with CD and vinyl coming soon. Buy “Toy” here (iTunes) or here (Amazon).