Get You Tonight/(I Wonder Why) My Career’s In Danger

Third single from Deviations. “Get You Tonight” is sung from the point of view of a teenager’s mother, who doesn’t approve of “tha yoof”‘s music and clothing choices. “(I Wonder Why) My Career’s In Danger” is actually a song I wrote after reading a Popjustice thread — which might or might not have been about Geri Halliwell — where fans were despairing about why she is not doing what they wanted her to do. It was going to be a traditional b-side but I liked it so much it became a double a-side with the remix of “Get You Tonight”.

3:37 Get You Tonight (7″ mix) Lyrics
2:52 (I Wonder Why) My Career’s In Danger Lyrics
3:07 Get You Tonight (Andy’s 7″ remix)
3:30 Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before
4:13 (I Wonder Why) My Career’s In Danger (dVTB remix)
5:56 Get You Tonight (dVTB remix)
6:54 Get You Tonight (Joy Violent Liberation Front remix)

Released on: 18 June 2007

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