Released in July 2014, this album was nevertheless produced over a period of five years. It was inspired by Ray’s experiences with yoga: the odd mix of relaxation and physical exertion, of the quiet and peaceful but at the same time energetic and exhausting. It is perhaps nowhere more obvious than in the 10th track, “Intense”, which begins as a quiet, piano-laden song, then expands into dramatic explosion of instruments, only to go back to a part influenced by a Japanese tea ceremony.

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3:06 Coming Down
4:05 Entrance
4:44 Planetary
2:24 United World
3:24 Distant
2:01 Afterglow
3:20 N=N (ft. Martina Mars) Lyrics
2:45 Drama
3:23 Rain Outside
4:29 Intense
4:51 Closer
2:54 Equinox


Released on: 13 July 2014

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