Fall Forever (Remixes)

The “Fall Forever” remix EP featuring remixes by AndySetGo, dVTB and BiTBear.

Vocals/melodies: Billie Ray Martin

4:21 Fall Forever (7″ edit) Lyrics
3:03 Fall Forever (Andy’s 7″ single mix)
3:55 Fall Forever (dVTB remix)
4:46 Fall Forever (BiTBear AMDM remix)

Released on: 27 May 2016

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Video production credits:
Produced and Directed by Luis Carvalho and Julian Langham
Camera and editing Julian Langham http://www.julianlangham.co.uk
Production design Luis Carvalho http://www.lfctheatre.com
Movement director Rebecca Bogue
Make-up Jamie McKenna