My goal in writing songs for Deviations was: 1. to produce an album without a single filler track, and 2. avoid love songs. I had a period where love songs just seemed so superfluous and overdone that I rebelled against it, and so Deviations features songs about small-town violence, wanting to be a machine, moving to another country, having a massive crush on Mylene Farmer, the evils of disco and about fire’s ability to both destroy and save lives. All this packaged in a colourful synthpop box with candy on top.

3:42 The Boy With The Stars In His Eyes Lyrics
3:40 To Be A Machine Lyrics
2:56 Extra Lyrics
3:16 Walk Lyrics
3:06 Mylenotronic Lyrics
3:20 Transition Lyrics
5:03 Deviate Lyrics
4:10 Miracle… Lyrics
3:40 Get You Tonight Lyrics
4:12 No Disco Lyrics
5:44 Rebound Lyrics

The Boy With The Stars In His Eyes
Get You Tonight/(I Wonder Why) My Career’s In Danger

Released on: 19 February 2007

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