I know those things should be written in third person for maximum pretentiousness, but since my management team was busy, I had to do it myself.

Born in 1977. First record bought: True Blue by Madonna. First love: Kylie. Obviously, I was gay since the word “go”. Later I heard Pet Shop Boys’ “Being Boring”, which fascinated me enough to go and buy Behaviour and a few compilations which to my surprise featured more Pet Shop Boys songs that I knew — I just didn’t know which band that was. I quickly got myself up to speed and completed the PSB discography.

It was New Order’s “Regret” that made me very reluctantly admit that a record containing electric guitar can actually be quite enjoyable. Suzanne Vega formed my folk sensitivities, and her excursions into heavy electro (“Blood Makes Noise”) taught me that you can be an established artist and make more than one sort of music. I bopped to Garbage, bounced to KLF (The White Room being my favourite record of all time) and new jack swung to Janet Jackson. At this time I was already making music, although I didn’t have much at my disposal — a program called FastTracker and a very slow PC that could barely play the songs I made.

Around 2001 I met Martina Mars through a Pet Shop Boys Q&A page (of all places!) and liked her songs enough to offer collaboration. The results were spectacular. Our lead single, “We Are Technology” received airplay in Polish radio, both public and private-owned stations, got us on MTV and Viva!, got me a DJ residency and the closest equivalent of Peel Session this side of Vistula. The band hasn’t lasted very long, unfortunately — it’s hard to tour when one of you lives in Poland and the other in Austria. But it showed me that there are people out there who might like my music.

Solo career followed, so to say. EP1 was my attempt at making punk-pop — quick, dirty and simple. One of the songs was cleaned up a bit and used for Technologic’s album. Then I recorded an instrumental album, Sequences, because I loved Mike Oldfield and wanted to be him when I grow up. Two vocal albums followed. I never got anywhere near MTV again, but it didn’t stop me.

Then I discovered remixing. Some of my first attempts — like the garage mix of Pet Shop Boys’ “I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Any More” didn’t age too well. But then I made a remix using a cappella of Billie Ray Martin’s “Your Loving Arms” and dared to send her the link. To my surprise Billie loved it and it started spreading around. What followed was an official remix of “Sweet Suburban Disco”, work with Sarah Nixey, Jaime Nanci & The Blue Boys, Ravage! Ravage!, Popdorian, Drop Out Orchestra feat. Vinny Vero (#31 on Billboard Dance Chart) and Billie Ray’s duet with Aerea Negrot which got my name into Mixmag for the first time. I have frequently collaborated both as remixer and producer with Pete Statham. My most recent work includes remixes for Julia Fordham, Basia and an upcoming EP by Rick O’Disko.

My latest album Audio has been released in May 2016, promoted by the singles “Audio Boy” (feat. Martina Mars), “Fall Forever” (feat. Billie Ray Martin) and “Is That All There Is”. Fourth single, “Things That We Do For Love (In The Night)” featuring Pete Statham will be released in December 2016 to promote upcoming collaborations The Andy EP and Stereo, both results of work with AndySetGo.