Before I began work on Exorcism I had a two-year creative block. It was caused largely by the fact I wrote “Saferoads” and got fixated on how amazing I felt that song was. I honestly couldn’t stop comparing anything new I wrote to “Saferoads” and the comparison was always negative towards the new song. And so I didn’t finish anything for two years, until I broke up with someone I dearly loved but simply couldn’t be without. Where Deviations was a semi-conscious attempt at writing an album without a single love song, Exorcism was a very conscious attempt at channelling my anger, sadness and sense of betrayal into songs.

Cover art was shot by Kjell Leknes. Booklet features photographs by Kjell Leknes and Andy Mangan.

3:42 Pre-Amp Lyrics
3:40 Second Lyrics
2:56 Damage Lyrics
3:16 Unravel Lyrics
3:06 Invincible Lyrics
3:20 Phantom Lyrics
5:03 Special Lyrics
4:10 Maybe Lyrics
3:40 Alive Lyrics
4:12 End (I Wonder) Lyrics
5:44 Love Criminal Lyrics


Released on: 17 March 2011

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