When I started working with Andy, it hasn’t occurred to me how artistically fulfilling those cooperations would eventually prove to be. Andy has an instinctual ability of somehow reading my mind and guessing how I would actually want my songs to sound. The only complaints I ever had about the remixes he’s made were along the lines of “can you make it longer?”. And so here we are, with a compilation of six very much full length remixes from Exorcism, or more accurately five remixes from Exorcism and a sixth track, “Love Moves” which was planned to be a single but at the end the release was cancelled and the radio edit was kept for Endtroducing 04:14.

Cover art was shot by Gerardo Viviers who insists this is exactly how I look.

7:31 Pre-Amp (Andy Is Not Here remix – album version) Lyrics
6:03 Second (Andy Is Not Here extended mix) Lyrics
6:32 Damage (Andy Is Not Here extended remix) Lyrics
10:10 Phantom (Andy Is Not Here extended vocal club) Lyrics
4:01 Alive (Andy Is Not Here remix) Lyrics
5:33 Love Moves Lyrics

Released on: 14 February 2013

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