“Entrance”, originally called “Opening Sequence”, is the lead single from Afterglow. I had plans at the time to film a yoga class for the video, but since I stopped going, it never happened. Which didn’t make “Entrance” any less appealing. Then I came up with the idea — AndySetGo (the artist previously known as Andy Is Not Here) has proven to me countless times that he was able to take on my songs and drastically improve on them with his remixes. So I gave him a task: remix an instrumental track with no actual hook. Which he did, providing me with a beautiful remix, and then at my request a 7″ edit as well.

The b-side is a non-ambient mix of “N=N” (also available in its original mix on Afterglow, originally recorded with Technologic as “Nothing Equals Nothing” and never finished because we couldn’t get it to sound right. It is now finished and the ambient version appears on the album Afterglow; the full-on version with drums intact will be the b-side to “Entrance”.

6:12 Entrance (AndySetGo 12″ mix)
3:27 N=N (disco mix)
4:05 Entrance (album version)
3:11 Entrance (AndySetGo 7″ mix)

Released on: 3 November 2014

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