I wrote “Saferoads” around 2007 and it’s been gathering dust since then. I kept on thinking, this should be a hit single, but I have no clue what to do with a potential hit single. So I finally self-released it, as a lead single from my compilation Endtroducing 04:14 and, truth be told, it did sell more copies than any other of my releases, but that brand new house in the Caribbean hasn’t happened quite yet…

The lyrics were true then and they remain true now: you are watched. I am being monitored right now writing this, I have my mobile phone with me which sends information about where I am located, smart TVs send in information about what we are watching. You are offline now, they still are watching you. It’s just that they no longer need cameras. Your phone that you paid hundreds of euros for is enough.

Cover photo has been shot by Rene Zuiderveld.

3:25 Saferoads Lyrics
3:26 Saferoads (AndySetGo remix)
4:28 Reach II
4:30 Saferoads (Dark Allies remix)
4:30 Saferoads (Vitreous remix)
4:30 Saferoads (AndySetGo alternative remix)
3:52 The Hurricane Lyrics

Released on: 25 March 2014

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