“Damage” and “Second” were supposed to be a double a-side release, but eventually I realised I had so much material I split them in two EPs released on the same day.

“Second” is about the moment you meet someone new, and you’re jaded and cynical and bitter, yet this special person just bursts through your protective barriers as if they were never there. This song was meant to be the second single from the album for obvious reasons, but ended up being the last. “Damage” tells you the story’s end; “Second” tells you the beginning of a whole new story.

“Shit Ain’t True” was originally recorded using a vocal sample by Frank Ocean. When I found out how difficult it is to clear a sample from a mixtape released by Ocean himself without a contract, I re-recorded the chorus by myself.

The cover is an illustration by tremendously talented Artur Przylucki.

3:25 Second (Andy Is Not First radio mix) Lyrics
3:26 Second (Ray’s Own radio edit)
4:28 Second (dVTB remix)
4:30 Second (Duncan Yves Baumbach RMX)
3:52 Shit Ain’t True (feat. Frank Ocean) Lyrics

Released on: 20 February 2012

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