“Damage” and “Second” were supposed to be a double a-side release, but eventually I realised I had so much material I split them in two.

The lyrics of “Damage” are pretty self-explanatory. Before “Pre-Amp” came out, I submitted “Damage” to a competition of sorts and someone has made a rather amazing video for it (see below). I’m still very happy about it.

The cover is an illustration by tremendously talented Artur Przylucki.

3:52 Damage (Boldface radio edit) Lyrics
4:38 Damage (dVTB remix)
5:24 The Pleasure Principle
6:32 Damage (Andy Is Not Here extended remix)
8:15 Damage (Boldface remix)
4:38 Damage (dVTB instrumental)

Released on: 19 September 2011

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