“Phantom”, third single off Exorcism, started as a song built around a sample from Prince’s “Electric Chair”. Then I removed the sample and decided I prefer it without. Also, one does not fuck with Prince.

The video was directed by Pussy Galore who had a bright idea of utilising XXX movies with an actor that apparently looks a lot like me. I felt very complimented by the comparison.

There were actually three b-sides on this multi-format release, but unfortunately due to Bandcamp’s restriction I am not able to share them with you. “Caramel” by Suzanne Vega was a goodbye; “My Army of Lovers” by Army of Lovers was equally melancholic and featured guest vocals from Mavin of Manhooker fame and Martina Mars, my Technologic mate. Watch my Soundcloud and something might appear.

3:02 Phantom (video edit)Lyrics
3:52 My Army Of Lovers
5:55 Phantom (Ray Grant Disco Total mix)
3:05 Chaotic Guerilla Lyrics
4:46 Phantom (70’s Porno mix)
3:54 Phantom (Andy Is Not Here remix)
2:52 Caramel
7:21 Phantom (Andy Is Not Here dub)
5:33 My Army Of Lovers (Andy Is Not Here remix)

Released on: 19 September 2011

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