It took me almost four years to come up with a follow-up for “Get You Tonight”. I wrote “Saferoads” in the meantime and the amazingness of it paralysed me for two years. I just couldn’t come up with another song as good as this. It wasn’t until I went through a painful breakup that I suddenly felt inspired and recorded over 20 songs in a short period of time. The first one, cover of Zazie’s “Des Rails”, wasn’t much good but it served as a good warm-up before what followed. Exorcism, the resulting album, spawned five singles, first of them being “Pre-Amp”, a heavy electro track. The b-side, an example of vocal house, was first released as buzz single, then included on the “Pre-Amp” release.

3:00 Pre-Amp Lyrics
3:42 Come Into My House (7″) Lyrics
3:42 Pre-Amp (Andy Is Not Here remix)
3:48 Raspberry Swirl
4:38 Pre-Amp (Formative remix)
7:02 Come Into My House (extended 12″)
12:10 Pre-Amp (Andy Is Not Here original club mix)

Released on: 13 March 2011

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