“Entrance” out on November 3

In July I released my latest album, Afterglow.

I started working on music for the album already in 2007, inspired by how I felt after my yoga classes. You know all that new-age crap about how yoga makes you feel all relaxed, calm and serene? Well truth is: it totally does. I would go through an hour’s class of pain, feeling terribly inadequate due to my lack of flexibility, trying to remember which leg is left and not to fall on the floor when I was told to wrap random body parts around random body parts (I believe that one was called “tree pose” or something similar)… then emerge feeling, uh, relaxed, calm and serene. I would cycle home feeling peaceful and honestly a bit high in the most amazing way. Then I would get home, eat something and fire up the music software to work on tracks.

I never finished the album because I discovered that simultaneously training bodybuilding and yoga was counterproductive. The more muscular I became, the less flexible I got, and it was very disconcerting. So I was left with about 30 minutes of music that never saw the light of day… until in June 2014 I re-discovered the tracks and I thought, damn, there’s some good stuff hiding here.

One of my favourites was the first track I wrote. Originally called “Opening Sequence”, it became “Entrance”. All I had to do to make it release-able was extend it a bit. It was a bit Mike Oldfield, a bit Laserdance and a bit… yoga. I had plans at the time to film a yoga class for the video, but since I stopped going, it never happened. Which didn’t make “Entrance” any less appealing. And so I finally decided to give it a go, finish the album and throw it on Bandcamp without any promotion. Until I came up with the idea — AndySetGo (the artist previously known as Andy Is Not Here) has proven to me countless times that he was able to take on my songs and drastically improve on them with his remixes. So I gave him a task: remix an instrumental track with no actual hook. Which he did, providing me with a beautiful remix, and then at my request a 7″ edit as well.

“Entrance” is out now. If you buy the EP as a pre-order, it will set you back 2 Euro and give you an immediate download of Andy’s 7″ edit. Once the EP is out, price will rise to 3 Euro (which will of course not affect the people who preordered it). The tracklisting consists of both AndySetGo remixes, original album version and a b-side — non-ambient mix of “N=N”, originally recorded with Technologic as “Nothing Equals Nothing” and never finished because we couldn’t get it to sound right. It is now finished and the ambient version appears on the album Afterglow; the full-on version with drums intact will be the b-side to “Entrance”.

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