Fall Forever: video and release details

The new single, “Fall Forever” is out now. Three digital packages include previously unreleased “3 AM Eternal” (feat. Jaime Nanci), 7″ and 12″ versions and remixes by BiTBear, AndySetGo and dVTB.

Vocals/melodies: Billie Ray Martin
Video produced and Directed by Luis Carvalho and Julian Langham
Camera and editing Julian Langham http://www.julianlangham.co.uk
Production design Luis Carvalho http://www.lfctheatre.com
Movement director Rebecca Bogue
Make-up Jamie McKenna

Listen/buy: Fall Forever EP
Listen/buy: Fall Forever – Remixes
Listen/buy: Fall Forever (12″ mixes)

Original version of “Fall Forever” is available now on Audio.