Gonna Be Alright

Sometimes I lose the track of time a bit
And find myself down somewhere dark
Where I forget that all it takes to see
Is just one little spark
So many times my heart was broken, but
I’ve never given up on love
And so today once more I open up the door
And step into the sun

When there is no moonlight throughout the night
Remember there will come a day
And that no matter what, at the end
It’s always gonna be okay
When there are monsters underneath your bed
Remember they are scared of light
And once you flip a switch they’re running to the hills
It’s always gonna be alright

Sometimes I find myself outside the map
Somewhere I’ve never been before
It’s like I fell asleep and when I woke up
the darkness stood outside my door
I look around and I am feeling lost
And there is nowhere I could hide
But I remind myself that every time
so far things turned out to be fine

When there is no moonlight throughout the night…