My new album Audio is now available for purchase and streaming.

Audio is a 80s/90s inspired dance record. My goal was to record an album similar to Pet Shop Boys’ Introspective: six long tracks, which would be later released as singles. It was a liberating experience not to try to record hits, but instead work on extended mixes of dance tracks. You’ll hear inspirations coming from The KLF’s “3 AM Eternal” (available as b-side to “Fall Forever EP”), Dusty Springfield’s “Occupy Your Mind” and a rather smashing cover version of Cristina’s “Is That All There Is?” which is not, I repeat, it is not autobiographical.

Download free Audio booklet (PDF)

Cover art: Helyx Helyx. Digital Art/Photography. “Don’t Wait Till Dawn For The Sun To Come Up” used by permission.

Buy/stream Audio here