Forthcoming album and single news

Audio-(front-cover)My next album, to be released in May, is called Audio. The artwork for Audio uses beautiful glitch art by Helyx Helyx.

The lead single will be “Audio Boy”, featuring vocals by Martina Mars. If all goes well, “Audio Boy” will premiere on April 8, together with the video directed by Pussy Galore. There are two b-sides on “Audio Boy EP”: a brand new track “The Theme” which sets the tone for the album, and a previously released as free download cover of Kele’s “New Rules”, for the first time available for streaming and purchase. Check some previews on my Soundcloud.

As mentioned previously, my entire back catalogue has been reissued on Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes. Since I was not able to upload digital booklets to iTunes, I will be adding them gradually to album pages on this website as free downloads.

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