New album: Afterglow

A few years ago I used to attend yoga classes. I always thought yoga was boring, static and easy. I was proven wrong very quickly. It transpired my gym skills weren’t much use in the yoga studio. I had to learn to use my body in a completely different way. And I had to learn something that until then has been entirely strange to me: patience. I wasn’t very good at it. When others seemed to be in a lovely relaxed state, breathing in and out like professional yoga breathers, I found it extremely hard to focus on things that were not work, groceries, broken dishwashers, going out and traffic. In other words, I put the axe in relaxing.

Despite that after the first class I cycled home feeling… oddly stoned. I felt blissful, calm and most definitely high in a strange, new way. Colours were brighter and sounds were louder. I came home and started composing music with a goal of putting those feelings into music. After a few classes I came up with the perfect title: Afterglow.

Now comes the shameful bit: I gave up on yoga. I discovered my fascination with bodybuilding went against my fascination with yoga. The bigger I became the harder it was to stretch into required poses. At the end I chose bodybuilding. And so the music languished for a few years. I would listen to it every now and then and decide, again and again, that it was too late or too early to release it.

Years have passed and I put out two more albums until I finally decided it made no sense whatsoever to keep music I was found of in the “vaults”. I had a few more short compositions that fit the overall mood — the opener, “Coming Down”, was over 10 years old for instance. “N=N” was originally called “Nothing Equals Nothing” and was a collaboration with Martina Mars of Technologic that we never released years before because we couldn’t mix it in a way we would find satisfying. Now the situation has changed (and my abilities improved) and I made not just one but two versions of the song — a full-on Technologic version and an ambient version that fit Afterglow.

This is not to say it’s an ambient album. You’ll find all the feelings that attempted to break my concentration here: anger, frustration, disillusion. Same as yoga isn’t just about sitting with your legs crossed and chanting “ommmm” or doing the sun salutations, my record isn’t just about being relaxed and filled with new-age goodness.

Listen to Afterglow with the player above and — hopefully — hit the Buy button. And even if you don’t, namaste, listeners.

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