I’m a part of Toy


My first encounter with Jaime Nanci was 2008’s “Lennonstown Lies” credited to Cuckoo Savante. While there was a lot of amazingness on display, my favourite two songs were “The House Of Ill Repute” and “I C U Leopard”, both of which managed to combine amazing musician and total and utter madness. And so when I saw Nanci tweeting about how a new record is coming, I felt I would be a fool not to try and become a part of the story.

I could say “the rest is history” but actually the rest is present and future. My Brian Eno-inspired remix of “The Isle of Misfit Toys” has been added to the new Jaime Nanci & The Blueboys “Toy” album as a bonus track. While I had my mind set on a punks-jump-up dance-a-thon, somehow the muse was more on the chamomile tea and cozy evening side of things, and so the remix turned out mellow and peaceful. We’re hoping to work together again in very near future. Meanwhile, the album is yours to enjoy.

The download version is available now with CD and vinyl coming soon. Buy “Toy” here (iTunes) or here (Amazon).

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