Monthly Archives September 2015

Things going on!


I know I haven’t been very good with updating the site, but here’s some new information…

Exorcism has been reissued and is again available via iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music and all other digital channels.

I have completed a few remixes, including two jazz singers (and a third coming up, I feel like I’ve got a niche), and my next task is to remix my youth heroine! My checklist is slowly filling up.

I have produced Pete Statham’s new single, “In The Name Of Love”. Watch the video below.

I will be producing three songs for Pete’s upcoming EP.

Last but not least, I am investigating possibilities for reissuing all my EPs and albums on iTunes and other digital distributors, and there’s a chance of some new material as well. Nothing set in stone yet. Follow me on Facebook for the latest news.