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Pete Statham’s “Fearless” out now

Fearless-front27th November marks the release of the new album by Pete Statham. Available through all digital retailers, “Fearless” includes two songs I wrote — the title track and “Hope” — and my remix of the single “You Are My Love”.

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Endtroducing 04::14 Digital Release

endtroducing_itunesOn Friday, 28th November my album Endtroducing 04::14 is receiving a deluxe re-release through all digital retailers including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music and Rdio (plus all other better or worse known players in the industry).

I have read this article on Spotify and it convinced me of a few things, one of which being that there is no point resisting the digital revolution. People who used to download music illegally now moved on to Spotify, and if something isn’t there, they go back to illegal downloads. Therefore I may as well release my music via iTunes and Spotify and hope for a few sales — at least enough to cover the cost of releasing the record. Also, when you enter “Ray Grant” in Spotify search bar, you get a few of my remixes and only one song, “Saferoads”. I feel it would be good to change that.

The new version is different from original Bandcamp release. I decided to drop the chronological order and make the songs flow better. Two of the singles are gone, replaced by the latest release — “Entrance”, additional b-sides “Chaotic Guerilla” and “Louder” and three of my best album tracks. The 24-track compilation truly represents what I feel is my best output between 2004 and 2014 and clears path for new music coming in 2015.

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The full tracklisting available here.

“Coming Down” video

Spare footage + spare song = new video

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